Conscious Kitchen Home Services

Conscious Kitchen Home Services Robin Gentry McGee

Customized Private Chef Services

“Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what you are”. ~ Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

Do you desire to eat a more balanced, healthy and bio-individual diet but have no time? Check out our personalized in home private chef services. You journey into health will begin by an assessment with Robin to identify your health or lifestyle challenges and goal setting. Robin will then custom design a whole foods menu specifically for you. She will create meal plans that work well for an individual or an entire family.  Weekly, biweekly or monthly services offered and will be directed by Robin and carried out by her qualified staff of experienced whole food cooks.

Contact: Robin for more information and get started on the road to radiant health.

Our success depends on your success. When this happens we both THRIVE! Whether a lifelong cook looking to transition your skills to healthy cooking or someone who does not spend much time in a kitchen….we can help!

Market Tours

“If you don’t know what it is, you should probably not be putting into your body”

Shopping can be a draining experience, especially in a health food store or even in the healthy section of a market that you frequent if you are not familiar with the products. As we cruise the aisles, you will delight in all of the options we will explore and you will be intrigued by the various healing properties of whole foods that we will discuss in the process. With over two decades in the health food industry we have tried them all and we can save you loads of time and money by getting the correct foods into your basket that will not only set you on the road to health, but also will also work for you and your family.

Private Cooking Instruction

“When the human heart is in need of comfort, the kitchen is where it can be found”

Cooking is the essence of a nourished life. Weather your meal plans need to be quick and easy on the go or if you want the knowledge to create a 5 course healthy meal, Robin can guide you through and give you the skills you need to not only feel comfortable, but enjoy the process as well.  In your time together, you will discuss healthy recipe makeovers and learn new and exciting foods to incorporate into your diet. You will also discuss the energetics of foods and create rituals around your time in the kitchen. You will never look at cooking the same way again.


Kitchen Shake-Down

“Ask yourself this question. Was this available when my great grandmother was alive? If the answer is no…don’t eat it.  ~ Michael Pollen

Are you overwhelmed when you open your pantry or fridge and know there are probably healthier products on the market but have no idea where to start? We will assess your kitchen basics and staples and teach you how to read labels and what the ingredients mean to your health. We will then suggest products that are not only similar to the ones you love and enjoy but also ones that are far better for your health. Imagine, sitting down to eat and knowing what you are eating as well as feeling good about putting it into your body.