Corporate Wellness Programs

Just Great Foods_Robin Gentry McGee, Corporate Wellness Programs

When marketing wellness programs, most companies talk about numbers and the bottom line. They will tell you how much your company can save in health care related costs, employee sick days and missed days of work due to a sick child. Sure, we can quote all of that as well, but what Simply Wellness likes to focus on is simple, attainable results.

Simply Wellness is different from other wellness programs in that our wellness program addresses the root cause of what each person is experiencing. We work to get them back to their own individual health baseline. We then build a foundation with real obtainable solutions that will last a lifetime.

We believe that each individual has a unique path to a life-style of wellness. One-size-fits-all diets do not work. In fact, we do not believe in diets at all. If you are truly interested in being healthier for life, then try our natural process, custom designed programs to meet your company’s needs. This happens on your time, meeting you and your employees where you are.

Many health conditions that we are experiencing today are unknown in aboriginal societies, hence they have been called “diseases of civilization.” They are directly related to what we eat, our environment, our culture, our interpersonal lives, the way we think and feel, the stresses we experience and the way we react to them.

Simply Wellness is about getting back to basics. It’s about self-care. Self-care is preventative medicine. It’s about learning what you can do to take control of your own health and wellness. The great thing about self-care is that it has little or no cost associated with it. Just an investment in ourselves. We can teach your employees not only the value of self-care but also how easy it is once a healthy foundation has been built.

The question then becomes,  how alive are you willing to be?



Our custom designed programs can include:
• Confidential One-On-One Consultations
• Group Consultations
• Stress Reduction Techniques
• Lunch n’ Learn Presentations

- Increasing Potential Through Awareness (3 Part Series)

1. YOUniversal Health Care
2. Environmental Toxins and Food Additives
3. What You Eat – How nutrition affects behavior (will include food demo)

• Munch n’ Movies

When I started working with Robin I felt like I was eating well and taking good care of myself. I was really just looking to build on what I already thought I was doing; thinking she may some bits of advice. Instead, the journey with Robin as my coach has transformed not only my life but my family’s as well. She helped me understand more about the foods I was putting in my body and how they contributed to my medical conditions as well as, how I felt and behaved on a daily basis. While the journey has not been easy but it has been worth every sacrifice! I feel so much better and look better too. People compliment me daily. I feel like the person I was meant to be and I’m much better equipped to handle life’s challenges. I never could have made this transformation without Robin’s guidance and support.

~ Lori Haddle, Group Director, Human Resources LPK


“Brian along with his wife Robin Gentry-McGee, are paving new paths in Corporate Wellness Programs. Brian has developed some very interesting lunch-n-learn programs for LPK that had our employees’ buzzing about the impact our environment and nutrition have on so many dimensions of our health and well-being. Robin‘s one-on-one and group counselling sessions helped our employees increase their potential through awareness of self and nutrition.  Their programs are both compelling and life changing.”

~ Maura Schilling, HR Manager

“The knowledge gleaned from Brian’s Ads, Brands and Body Image presentation will be very valuable. Especially, to the young women who are seeking future goals for themselves. This presentation is a must see for teenage girl’s. The presentation is powerful and the presentation has a strong reflection piece that allows the girl’s to personalize what they hear, make connections and build authentic learning from the activities they are participating in.”

~ Michelle Riley, Youth Services Director YWCA


“I can’t thank you enough for the healthy, life changing help you have been providing for our associates. I am constantly hearing great feedback from individuals about your advice and suggestions you have given them to achieve better health. For once we have motivated ourselves to take control of our health care costs, not by negotiating a better rate, but by improving our health!”

~ Dennis Chrisman, V.P. Human Resources, Dorothy Lane Market

“I just wanted to tell you how beneficial I think the associate consultations have been. There has been nothing but positive feedback from everyone who has participated in the program. One person said she felt that it was the best benefit our company offers. This program is sure to make a difference in not only the health of our associates but the cost of our health care as well.”

~ Joy Kemp, Healthy Living Director, Dorothy Lane Market