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I always thought that I ate decently and paid attention to my diet more than most. Recently I started finding myself eating things that I knew wasn’t the best for me – partially from influence by others and partially because I had bad habits.  Robin’s class helped get me back on track and more importantly, educated me on so many things I had no clue about.  As an American, we assume the food we consume is OK for our consumption.  Not to scare you, but that is not the case.  Each one of us is different and have our own food reactions that we need to become more aware of and possibly start eliminating from our diet.  My goal was to become more educated and have a better quality of life based on what I learn.  I feel better.  I never knew I felt bad until I ate food that made me feel better.  Robin helped show me the way and having a group of fellow LPKers, helped ask the questions I didn’t think of plus they had great suggestions. Plus Robin supplied us with a lot of personalized information so that we got out of the program what we needed.

Well worth the time, cravings and money.

~ Anne Stone



“I’ve learned so much about food and how it interacts with my body. I would have never learned about tasty new food options if it weren’t for her easy recipes and snacks. All of Robin’s guidance, information, and support has helped me make choices to get on a path to better health and happiness.”

~ Cathy Sonnet